Mock Drafts

Part I – Created 2/7/2011
Part II – Created 2/7/2011


Part I – Created 3/5/2011
Part II – Created 3/8.2011



6 Responses to Mock Drafts

  1. Porter says:

    When can we expect more mock drafts to be ready?

    • futuresons says:

      I(Justin) should have one done in the next week or so, I’ve been putting off until after the combine to make one.

      • Porter says:

        Makes perfect sense. Thanks for the update!

      • futuresons says:

        Yeah, it’s about that time to come up with new mocks and big boards. I figure two months until the draft means there is time for about three more updates: Post combine, post prodays, draft eve (one last opportunity to humiliate ourselves before the big day).

        – Andrew

  2. Porter says:

    Hopefully this CBA gets worked out in the next 10 days so we can also start talking free agency! I definitely enjoy your write-ups on players.

  3. KIEn says:

    Can you post new things please?????

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