Riley Reiff Draft Profile

Known as one of the top OT’s available in the draft, Riley Reiff is the prototypical Iowa offensive lineman. A big gritty guy who has the ability to move in space and fit not only a power scheme, but a ZBS scheme as well. Bryan Bulaga from GB has showed it and Robert Gallery, while failing at OT, has been a good OG in the ZBS. Reiff shows good leverage and technique, which are staples of the Iowa coaching. You wont find better-coached offensive linemen than those who come from Iowa. While he still will need a bit of technique work and a couple of little things here and there Reiff has the potential to be the #2 OT taken only behind Matt Kalil of USC (who is the top guy for me by far.)

This might be a little bit of a shorter profile because with Reiff he’s very technique sound and he has a lot already going for him, and the negatives are small more nit picky things more than anything else. With the positives it all starts with how he plays the game. Reiff plays with intensity and drives his blocks until the end. That’s what this team needs especially with how we are moving our team to a ZBS that is nasty and drives their opponents back 10 yards. We saw it in the first game where Trent Williams took DeMarcus Ware and drove him down field on a play. We still want those who fit the ZBS, but also have that mean streak in them. Reiff though shows it and this video by TMB Draft on YouTube shows it (Thank you for the video man!)

Multiple times in the first 3 minutes of the video, he is finishing blocks and displays a good punch on the DE. Then continues to block and fight with his guy until the whistle blows. Also when you watch it really sticks how technically sound he is. I know I sound like a broken record talking about it, but his technique is good he shows good bend in his arm and doesn’t over extend except for the rare one occasion or two. He has good bend and looking at him, he is in good shape and wont have a problem keeping his weight the same. That’s what you want to see in a guy is not only one who can be the stud player for you, but also one who will take care of himself and make sure he’s in tip top shape and never a concern. Also the other thing I like watching is his footwork, its polished and good, but still will need a little bit of work just like every prospect coming of out college does need. Overall between his technique and nasty demeanor, Reiff posses everything you want in an OT heading to the NFL.

Now the negatives are nit picky like I said earlier but as a scout you really need to point these out and dissect them. While Reiff has good technique he has had times where he does get flat footed and while doesn’t get pushed back into the QB he ends up stalemating his opponent which in the NCAA is okay, but in the NFL that ends up with a tackle for loss or no gain and only being an average OT and he doesn’t want to be one. Also the other thing I noticed is not a big thing but I did mention it earlier he did overextend his arms and that led to not a bad play but one that makes a scout pause and go “he needs a bit of work there”. While its not awful and the end all be all, it does make you wonder how much work will it take (even though most will say not a ton of work for him.) The negatives are few though and if he can fix those he can be a dominant OT in the NFL. I see Reiff as someone who can play either side on the OL and be a dang good OT.

Now it’s down to the last part like with all of my profiles and its simple does Riley Reiff fit for the Washington Redskins? The answer is pretty simple YES! Reiff would be a RT in our scheme as we already have Trent Williams to be our franchise LT, and as a RT he could have a very good year in our scheme. The wonder is though with Mike and how he drafts OL. Traditionally you’ll see him draft a LT in the 1st round but after that he fills his OL with guys in the mid to late rounds ala Ryan Harris who was a 3rd rounder and OG’s like Chris Kuper in the 5th round. While I like Reiff a lot I’m not sure Mike would take him in the 1st round especially with our bigger needs like QB, interior OL (could change with FA) and some needs on the D but none that are extremely major. Overall though whoever drafts Riley Reiff will have a very good sound OT who can come in day one and be a successful player. In my opinion, he’s almost bust free in that if he fails at OT (which I don’t think he will) he could be a good OG as well.

Justin P.


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