Robert Griffin III Draft Profile

Well guys its that time of year again where us draftniks get back to scouting for 2012. Starting off my 2012 profiles will be who I consider the most dynamic player in the 2012 draft Robert Griffin III. Griffin is a track athlete as well as a QB, but when you watch his game you see shades of a QB who can be a dominant force in the NFL. Possessing a cannon arm, great accuracy already and blazing speed Griffin draws comparisons fairly or unfairly to Michael Vick. My opinion though is that Griffin will end up as a dual threat QB who uses his legs secondary to his arm.

Like with all of my profiles I’ll start off with the positives of Robert. First off I stated it before, but he’s got an absolute cannon of an arm. With the flick of his right wrist he can throw the ball 60 yards in the air. While yes we’ve seen arm strength isn’t everything to be a successful QB, it has its big positives for a scheme like the Redskins that utilizes down the field passing. One thing that is surprising to watch right off the bat with Robert is how he has good mechanics and has some polish already as a passer. In the following highlight video from Vortex1283 on Youtube(great highlight video!) it shows a good amount of his mechanics and his polish while operating in the pocket as well as outside of it.

Just watching that video though gives me goose bumps at what kind of player Robert can be. Of course there will be the concerns about his offensive scheme and how he’s not prepared, but closely watch how he plays QB. He’s not a Cam Newton who is easy to take off for a big run, he’s instead a guy who will make the reads and then if nothing is there will take off for the big run against the opposing defense. That’s something that is rarely seen out of a QB coming out of the spread, unless your looking at guys like Sam Bradford who showed that being a Spread QB wasn’t a bad thing.

I want to though focus on a series of plays from 1:43 to 2:14 in that video. The first two right away show the arm strength but also show off maybe the most underrated part of Griffins game, his accuracy as a passer. Yes of course some of the doubters will point out well he’s in a spread he very well could have inflated accuracy numbers but a 65% completion percentage for a spread QB is impressive no matter how you slice it, especially looking at the throws that Griffin is making. There is the one throw around 2 minutes or so that shows the rough edges of Griffin though as he underthrows his receiver and almost in a sense forces the pass downfield. The last pass though in that series shows the arm strength and impressive touch again.

Now while I’ve spent a good deal of time showing the positives of Griffins game there are concerns not just on the field but also medically with him. Lets start with the medical and get it out of the way. Robert suffered a bad knee injury his sophomore year after he was putting up gaudy numbers and missed the rest of the season. Last year was his first year back after the surgery and for the first few weeks it showed as he looked a little timid, but rightfully so after the injury he suffered. So there will be some concerns about his knee, but from all I’ve gathered the knee is perfectly fine and it wont be a cause of worry in the NFL. The other concerns with Griffin are purely scheme based. Teams will become concerned with the spread offense that Griffin is told to run at Baylor. Some of it is because it may not be the most complex of schemes but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t required to make the reads and prove himself. The point remains though it isn’t the most NFL ready of schemes and he will need time to adjust to playing under center. He’s almost in the Vince Young level though of spread offense QB’s if you ask me. One who has made a lot of passes out of the spread as well as dynamic runs and can make the transition to the pro game just like Vince has shown, but different from Vince, Robert has no off the field issues to speak of. Outside of an adjustment to the pro game and some teams having concerns of the knee, there really isn’t a ton that makes you pause when watching Griffin on film. He’s been producing at a high level and doing it on a team that wasn’t one of the best in the nation IE Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama

So now the question is where does he fit in the Redskins? Well its easy Robert would be a great fit for this offense as he has the mobility that Mike will want to run the play action and bootleg plays of the offense, but also he has the accuracy and arm strength to make the plays that Kyle will like. While he wont be a guy you start right away, he could very well make a huge impact for the Redskins in 2013 as a starting QB. Keep your eyes out for Robert this year as he could even end up as a Heisman guy if plays like he can.

Justin P.


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