Justin Mock Draft Part #2

17. New England Patriots- Adrian Clayborn
I have Clayborn ahead of Heyward but honestly either picks could make sense for them. Clayborn is the guy who can come in right away as a pass rushing 5 tech and be a very effective player right away for Patriots. As they say the rich get richer with this pick

18. San Diego Chargers- Phil Taylor
This one will get a surprise one way or another and I’m ready for it but with Taylor as the top NT and San Diego needs a NT to man the middle. What Taylor can do best for San Diego is hold the point of attack at either the NT or DE position in the 3-4 and also he has shown he can pass rush and beat his opponent.

19. New York Giants- Gabe Carimi
It’s no secret New York needs help on the OL. Carimi can come in right away as a RT for the Giants and be a force for them and when Diehl retires he can move over to the LT position. Carimi is the #2 OT on the board behind Smith and provides the best value for New York as well

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Aldon Smith
Tampa already has a young team and with adding Aldon to that DL will be a huge upgrade. They added McCoy and Price to the interior and now with Smith on the outside, Tampa ca have one of the best DL’s in the league very soon.

21. Kansas City Chiefs- Justin Houston
Another toss up pick between Akeem Ayers and Justin Houston as both would make a lot of sense for this team. KC already has a great pass rusher in Tamba Hali and adding a guy like Houston on the other side with a high motor it would greatly improve a young D who transitioned well to the 3-4 but still could stand to add some pieces to the core

22. Indianapolis Colts- Mike Pouncey
Its no surprise the weakness outside of the DT position for the Colts was the interior OL. Jeff Linkenbach improved over the year but at the same time still is not ready to be a full time starter at a high level. That’s not to say he can’t develop into a big time starter, he just fully isn’t ready yet. Pouncey can come in right away at G and solidify that position for the next 8 to 10 years and give the OL a steady part moving forward

23. Philadelphia Eagles- Derrick Sherrod
As much as it kills me to give them Sherrod the pick makes a lot of sense for the Eagles who have a need at RT. Winston Justice just has struggled at times against the pass rushers of the NFC E and some pass rushers in general. Sherrod can instantly come in at the RT position and hold his own and him and Peters will be a good combo for a while.

24. New Orleans Saints- Ryan Kerrigan
As the top BPA left on the board at a position of need for the Saints, Kerrigan makes a lot of sense for the 4-3 Saints. What Kerrigan does best is rush the passer and with a coordinator like Williams, he can come in and post 6 sacks or more as a rookie.

25. Seattle Seahawks- Jake Locker
Doesn’t this pick make a lot of sense? Hometown boy at UW gets drafted by the Seahawks sits behind the veteran QB and then takes over when the Vet leaves. Honestly one of the best scenarios that could happen to Locker and a great pick for a team like the Seahawks who gets the franchise QB but doesn’t need to be forced into playing him right away.

26. Baltimore Ravens- Brandon Harris
Baltimore has needs in the D more so than one would think and that has led to me giving them Brandon Harris. Harris is a ballhawk CB who would fit in well with the aggressive Ravens D. Some will worry about his speed but when the game starts going, he can play with the big boys

27. Atlanta Falcons- Aaron Williams
As much as I like Grimes and think the Robinson pick up was a good one they still need help in the secondary. Williams is a very underrated CB because he’s not the playmaker and flashy guy, but he makes plays and has the size to matchup with NFL WR’s and stop them.

28. New England Patriots- Akeem Ayers
Again the rich keep getting richer is the theme with New England. Ayers is a Belichick kind of player who isn’t maybe the fastest player but will work hard and do anything to help the team win. I like Ayers as a prospect and while he’s not the fastest OLB he’s a guy who makes plays and that’s what Belichick will want

29. Chicago Bears- Anthony Costanzo
A very good pick for the Bears who get an OT who can help stabilize that OL that was very up and down last year. A big time shout out to Mike Tice who worked with a little and got that OL to work for a full year. Adding Costanzo to the LT position would be a big upgrade and something Tice would love to work with

30. New York Jets- Muhammed Wilkerson
Shaun Ellis is getting older and the Jets need to help out the DL on the team. Wilkerson can come in right away and be a very good 5 tech but also can move over to the 3 tech on pass rushing situations and would bring versatility that Rex Ryan would love on his D

31. Pittsburgh Steelers- Corey Liuget
Pittsburgh really only has 2 big time needs that need to be filled soon. One is on the OL and the other is the DL in the 3-4 scheme. Adding Liuget to the DL along with Ziggy Hood gives the Steelers two young 5 tech DL who can be a part of the 3-4 for a long time.

32. Green Bay Packers- Jonathan Baldwin
This one is going off of a gut feeling along with some talk that GB will be looking to fill the WR need with another guy. Baldwin is the top guy left on the board who would fit what they do best. (Torrey Smith is rated higher but more a speed guy) If Baldwin can be a good teammate and work on his intermediate route running, he could become a very good WR.

Hope everyone liked the mock draft

Justin P.


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