Justin’s Mock Draft Part One

1. Carolina Panthers- Nick Fairley
Carolina takes the starter at DT who can be a force in Rivera’s D. Fairley will produce from day one as a UT and have an Albert Haynesworth type impact for an already decent D.

2. Denver Broncos- Marcell Dareus
Denver takes the DT who can help them rebuild up the Broncos D. Dareus possesses a blend of strength and speed that can take on blocks as a DT and allow guys like Dumervil and Ayers get after the passer. Peterson is also a big time possibility here but I think with resigning Bailey they put it off

3. Buffalo Bills- Cam Newton
Newton makes the most sense here in terms of any team in the top 10. What Chan Gailey does best is become a creative coach who can get the most of his QB’s. What Newton brings to Buffalo is a dynamic threat to pair with Spiller and would allow Gailey to develop new schemes and creative ideas to attack opposing defenses.

4. Cincinnati Bengals- AJ Green
AJ while not the #1 receiver on my board I think goes before Jones because some will worry about Jones having injury concerns . While I think its bogus and nothing really some will worry about it and Green then goes before Jones. Green would provide an immediate threat for Palmer if he returns to Cincy and someone you can build the offense around.

5. Arizona Cardinals- Von Miller
Out of all the top 10 picks this one is the most no brainer honestly. Miller is a 3-4 OLB through and through and you have to think Arizona is looking for a dynamic pass rusher to help out that D. Miller is one of those guys who can come right in and get 8 to 12 sacks because of how quick he is off the snap, although I worry how he’ll do against the run.

6. Cleveland Browns- Da’Quan Bowers
Bowers here is a good pick up for Cleveland as they get the DE to help rush the passer and Bowers would have been a top 3 pick if his knee was completely healed when he came to the combine. Could be Peterson here but I think Cleveland goes for the dynamic pass rusher.

7. San Francisco 49ers- Patrick Peterson
In my opinion San Francisco gets the steal so far of the top 10 with one of the premier players in the draft. The only reason why he slips so far is teams in the top 5 really don’t have a lot of secondary concerns and SF really needs help in the back 4.

8. Tennessee Titans- Blaine Gabbert
As much as I want to see Gabbert in Burgundy and Gold I just don’t see Tennessee passing him up unless a guy like Fairley falls down to #8, which I just don’t see happening. Gabbert instantly becomes a starter there and with a sound OL and Running game and a D that can stop opponents. Gabbert will provide the extra spark to the O that puts them over the top not only now but in the future.

9. Dallas Cowboys- Prince Amukamara
Also another not too hard pick to make here. Dallas has a shaky secondary who really can’t seem to stop anyone, Amukamara will provide that lockdown corner for Dallas to build its secondary around.

10. Washington Redskins- Robert Quinn
An almost best case scenario for the Redskins as they get the pass rusher opposite of Orakpo will be a force for the Skins in the 3-4 D. Gabbert would have been the best case scenario but Washington settles with a player in Quinn who could very well become a DeMarcus Ware type player for the Skins.

11. Houston Texans- Cameron Jordan
This is one of those picks that I think makes sense. Jordan is a 3-4 DE and in Wade Phillips 3-4 scheme pairing him with Mario Williams as the DE’s will allow Wade many opportunites to become creative and find ways to attack the opposing offense

12. Minnesota Vikings- JJ Watt
This is one of those picks you make in case of the FA period still occurring. Minnesota might lose Ray Edwards in FA if we do have a new CBA and if he’s gone you need someone to come in and take over at the DE spot. Watt will provide that early on and be a guy who not only will stack up against the run but also get after the passer with his high motor.

13. Detroit Lions- Tyron Smith
Smith is the #1 OT and rightfully so as he’s so gifted and young that you make this pick now but also look to reap the benefits not only in 2011 but in 2013 and on when he’s a LT for you and a dominant one once he fills out his frame. Could also be a CB here like Jimmy Smith as well if they go D

14. St.Louis Rams- Julio Jones
STL gets lucky as Jones falls in my mock to them. I could see him going #6 to Cleveland but I have Bowers going there instead and he could go #10 as well to Washington but we’ve seen Mike likes to take mid round WR’s like Marshall and they turn into studs. STL gets the dynamic playmaker to pair with Bradford and become the core nucleus of the STL offense for years to come

15. Miami Dolphins- Mark Ingram
Ronnie Brown can’t seem to stay healthy and Ricky Williams isn’t going to be around much longer so Miami needs a RB who can come in right away and start for them and down the road. Ingram is the best back in this class and would provide an instant spark for the Dolphins. While not the fastest guy he’s going to have a nice long NFL career

16. Jacksonville Jaguars- Jimmy Smith
Jacksonville takes maybe the #2 most gifted CB in the draft with Jimmy Smith. He’s someone who has all the talent in the world but not the most dedicated worker from reports out there. Jacksonville needs Secondary help and Smith makes the most sense for them moving forward, as if he can pan out then watch out he could be one of the best CB’s in the league in 5 years

Okay this is the 1st part of my mock I’ll have the 2nd part done either Monday or Tuesday



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