Blog Design by Soup

I’m taking the opportunity here to thank Soup for designing all of the excellent graphics for Future Sons. Because of his efforts, we finished adjusting the layout for the blog yesterday. This is great news for us because now we can focus specifically on writing draft content and begin updating the blog in earnest.

Soup is a talented graphic designer and has his fingers in many artistic pies. If you’re interested in seeing more of his work, visit his new website

– Andrew


About futuresons

A blog dedicated to the Washington Redskins and NFL Draft analysis.
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2 Responses to Blog Design by Soup

  1. Wow… really, really like the new banner and layout. Very sharp, great job. I just grabbed your RSS and will plan on following. Love your player profiles so far. The Robert Quinn thing got my blood pumping.

    I linked you on the blog roll in my sidebar. Check out BB sometime.

    • futuresons says:

      Thanks Brent. I actually just started reading your blog when you commented on the Quinn post. BB is great and I just added your RSS now that I finally figured out what it is (LOL). I’d be happy to link to your blog as soon as I figure out how to add a links section. I’m still a new blogger and have yet to fully master the wordpress interface.

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