Justin’s Big Board

Hey all, it’s Justin with my first big board. Enjoy, and hopefully the explanations at the end explain why they are ranked where they are.

Redskins Big Board #1

1. Blaine Gabbert
2. Nick Fairley
3. Da’Quan Bowers
4. Patrick Peterson
5. Marcell Dareus
6. Von Miller
7. AJ Green
8. Cam Jordan
9. Robert Quinn
10. Julio Jones
11. Aldon Smith
12. Prince Amukamra
13. Tyron Smith
14. Gabe Carimi
15. JJ Watt
16. Mark Ingram (know he’s a RB, but too good a talent to not rank in top 25)
17. Adrian Clayborn
18. Cameron Heyward
19. Derrick Sherrod
20. Muhammed Wilkerson
21. Phil Taylor
22. Akeem Ayers
23. Ben Ijalana
24. Stefen Wisniewski
25. Brandon Harris

A few notes on the big board; looking at my top 10, it’s very defense-oriented with the exception of Gabbert, Green and Jones. I feel Gabbert is the #1 guy for us because the franchise QB is the most important thing to the success of a team. OLBs and the OL are important, but as we’ve seen, it’s about the franchise QB who can take you to the Super Bowl. I’m a huge proponent of Von Miller as an OLB. I think he’s the perfect compliment to Brian Orakpo and can hold his own against the run, which is key for us. I have him ahead of Quinn mostly from the character side of things, and Quinn has been suspended all year. I’m not saying Quinn can’t be ranked above Miller, but until I see him workout and have his pro day I’ll keep him behind Miller.

When you head into the 11-19 range its more of a mix of DL and OT with the exception of Mark Ingram. I know the Redskins really don’t have a lot of need at RB, but I see Ingram as a guy who is just too good to pass up at that range. Now do I see him going to the Redskins? It’s not very likely, but at the same time it wouldn’t surprise me if on the Redskins’ draft board, he’s listed in the top 25. The big wildcard is Tyron Smith, a physical freak of nature at RT who is about 300 pounds and only 20 years old. He’s someone I’d move back for and take, while adding another pick or so, as then we’d have our bookend tackles for a long time. Looking at the rest of the teens, its very heavy on the DE’s because as we’ve seen, the DE in the 3-4 scheme is a huge piece for us and one we need to have in order for our defense to succeed.

In the last part of the big board, you’ll notice my guy Phil Taylor. He was always on my radar, but I felt that he was a guy who was underperforming and was overhyped. But when he showed up at the Senior Bowl in shape and looked like a great NT fit, I changed my tune on him. Hearing about the week he put up it really reaffirmed my beliefs on him and that he is worth a pick by the Redskins. Now, though he’s rated #21 on my board, I think he’ll end up there at our pick at #41 in the 2nd round. Finally, looking at the last bit is Stefen Wisniewski, who is a C/G type. He has been dominant at RG this year for Penn State but is a natural C as well. He’d be a big pickup for us and potentially adds a lot of stability to our OL, where we certainly need stability and youth.


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