Hello World,

Or so says the somewhat grandiose default greeting. My name is Andrew Breckinridge and I’m a die-hard Redskins fan and NFL Draft enthusiast. Many of you might know me as SteveMcQueen1 from the official Washington Redskins forums at (I’m also a fan of the King of Cool). You might also know me from writing the defunct Redskins Draft Blog, the soul of which has been transplanted here into this blog.

I’m excited to announce the creation of Future Sons of Washington, a blog dedicated to discussing the Redskins and the NFL Draft. It’s to be a collaborative effort between myself, and three of my good friends and fellow draftniks from the forums at Extreme Skins, Hunter C., Justin P., and Soup. Soup is our artist in residence here at Future Sons and any artwork you see on this blog will be courtesy of him and his talent. Hunter, Justin, and I are the analysts who will create the entries written to edify you.

What has me so excited about Future Sons is the chance to work with two other writers who enjoy discussing the NFL Draft as keenly as I do. The Draft is meant to be discussed and argued over in a dialectic format. Hunter and I were talking about it the other day, and we concluded that opposing viewpoints are critical for deriving accuracy in player projection. Opinions on prospects are born from a gestalt evaluation where its individual pieces are weighed according to the perspectives and experience of the viewer. To put it plainly, when it comes to analyzing the draft, three heads are better than one.

Another benefit from our collaboration is that the blog will feature more content than I was able to create blogging away on my own. Some of the new content we plan on introducing in the next few weeks is your core draftnik fare: Mock Drafts, Big Boards, and individual player profiles. But we are also planning some interesting and unusual forms like articles styled as running, conversational exchanges between the three of us; draft reviews and self critiques (going to be painful); and collaborative mocks. I also plan on posting my various ruminations on the Draft and its philosophy, so there is a lot of good stuff on the way for our new audience.

I hope you all enjoy,

– Andrew


About futuresons

A blog dedicated to the Washington Redskins and NFL Draft analysis.
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